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Take a moment to learn why you should choose us, view our services, and view some before and afters! Our slogan, “quality in every stroke” is guaranteed on every project.

About Foremost Painting

Providing quality every step of the way!

As someone who takes great pride in their craft, there is truly nothing more gratifying than seeing a customer’s face light up with joy and contentment after I’ve completed a project for them. I have a deep passion for the entire process, from start to finish – seeing the transformation of a space or surface is truly awe-inspiring. The feeling I get when I’m able to take something that was once outdated and turn it into something beautiful never gets old. It’s clear to me that my passion for this work will never diminish, and I feel so fortunate to be able to witness the positive impact it has on my clients’ lives time and time again.

Our Services

Prep work is the key to a long lasting finish!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Exterior Staining


Pressure Washing

Cabinet Painting

Popcorn Removal


Interior Painting

We will cover the work area before painting to make sure it stays clean. We'll fix any cracks or holes in the walls and ceilings, and apply caulk if needed. We'll lightly sand everything before painting. After updating your space, we will move any necessary items back and leave the area fresh and clean!


Exterior Painting/Staining

First, we'll need to clean the surface before painting/staining it. We do this by either pressure washing it with strong water pressure or soft washing it with gentle water pressure depending on the needs of your project. We do this to make sure that the paint or stain will adhere properly. Once the surface is all prepped, then we can finally apply the paint or stain.


Wallpaper Removal

We always make sure to prioritize the preparation phase before proceeding with any work. Once the area is appropriately prepared, we will begin by carefully removing the wallpaper from the walls before applying an oil-based primer.This particular primer has been selected for its excellent adhesive properties, which will ultimately help the final coat stick to the walls much more efficiently.


Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

Many surfaces do not need actual pressure to be cleaned. Instead, letting the proper chemicals do the work and washing them away with the dirt gets the job done. This is the process of soft washing. The method used depends on the needs of the surface. Improper use of pressure can damage a surface beyond repair.

Cabinet Painting

Before work begins, all doors and hardware will be removed. The cabinet faces will then be primed with an oil based primer. This ensures proper adhesion of the finish paint. Once all cabinets are primed, any cracks will be caulked and nail holes will be filled. After the cabinets have been properly prepped and primed, a minimum of 2 coats of finish paint will be applied. All cabinet doors will be taken back to our shop to be prepped, primed, and painted. To start, all cabinet doors will be lightly sanded and cleaned. Next, the doors will be primed with oil based primer, lightly sanded, then primed with one more coat of oil based primer. Once all doors have been primed, a minimum 2 coats of finish paint will be applied. Once the cabinets, and the doors have been painted, we will bring the doors back to your home and reinstall them as they were.

Popcorn Removal

The entire workspace will be covered with plastic to ensure a clean environment. Then, the popcorn will be removed from the ceilings. After popcorn is fully removed, the ceilings will be sanded, then primed with an oil based primer. Next, the ceilings will be mudded to repair imperfections and ensure a smooth surface. Lastly, finish paint will be applied with a brush and roller.

Our Recent Projects

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